Love this anecdote about how Fincher coaches actors from the Side Swipes series by Tribeca Film.  Makes you wonder who he is referring to specifically. 

via futureoffilm:

“Actors and directors have diametrically opposed views to the same piece of material.”

Side Swipes is a daily video series featuring Side by Side clips that didn’t make the final cutDavid Fincher (The Social NetworkFight Club) discusses the responsibility of the director to create a place for audiences to look from the inside out, never from the outside in.

I’m not interested in a giant sword-and-sandal epic. We’ve seen scope; everyone knows we can fake that. That stuff doesn’t impress in the way that it did even 10 years ago. We expect that from Starz [now]. So that’s not the reason to do that. What is it about this character that has purchased this place in our history and imagination that is relatable today?

David Fincher on the possibility of Cleoptra with Angelina Jolie