Hey Friends* 

As you probably know a film called The Comedy that I acted in is now available to watch on iTunesVideo on Demand,  and other digital means  - you know it if you got it.  Here’s a few things to know/think about: 

1. If you live in one of these cities go see this movie in The Movie Theater! Make a night of it! I’m telling you it’s a beautifully shot film and really deserves the big screen treatment.  You can also request a screening in your city by going here 

2. Go into watching this without any expectations about what you’re about to see!  Yes, I’m in this movie with my friend and partner the great Eric Wareheim, but this is not a “Tim and Eric” movie and it’s not a comedy. I think there are plenty of funny moments but this is something else entirely.  Also, I think it’s probably a good idea to stew on this movie after you’ve seen it - it’s not an easy movie and you might have some immediate reactions that I believe will change over the course of hours and days. 

3.  Don’t torrent it please. Relatively, this movie didn’t cost that much money to make but it still takes so, so, SO many individual purchases to make it back. If you choose to legally pay to see this movie you are making a statement that you want to see more movies like this — or at least more movies that are outside the bounds of traditional studio mush.  If you like, you can wait until the price of the VOD rental comes down or when it comes to Netflix (a few months, I’d guess.)  I think finally, the technology has made this decision an easy one. 

Thanks for reading,


*USA and Canada only… I wish I had some news for you rest of world but International release is still being negotiated.