Obsessed lately with the idea of taking existing film footage, images etc that are easily accessible and crafting new short stories from them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a cool video today.  Fun, smart, creative and well executed. 

via wonderjunkieblog:

The story of life as we know it, told in 2 minutes and using only stock imagery.

Improv everywhere had their first book released on May 29th.  They have been doing their public art happenings for eight years and it has been great to follow its growth and participate in a few of them.   The movement has grown significantly and this kind of urban pranks are happening around the globe.  Many of the successful experiences we created at LVHRD drew inspiration from the use of communication and surprise.  More and more brands are looking to this method to spread happiness and create content for their campaigns. This video by T-Mobile brings their “Life is for Sharing” to life.

Simple, well executed and acted.  A film producer friend of mine once said that every great project she ever did was based on two things: Relationships and food.  The timing and success of the film are especially poignant with the modern concerns around balancing virtual and physical experience.

Schweppes does a good job of playing a supporting role, letting the story stand on its own and allowing consumers to connect and discover.