This has been an outstanding promotional program for Murphy Goode winery.  The concept is simple: we want to recruit someone to run our social media marketing and be the face of their brand to new consumers.  The salary is great and you get to live on the winery, learn, taste and blog your experience.  

I had this sent to me about 3 months ago when the release was first sent out and since then I have received over 10 “vote for me” video emails.  They have over 1100 applicants for the job and it looks like tough competition for the gig.  They have told a great story and used social media to create conversation about their brand while recruiting someone who they know can work in the medium and generate buzz.  All for very little cost to them.  Its likely you’ll see more of these programs for desirable jobs in the future.

With that said…here is the one you should vote for: Tara and her sister Ali.